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Is this an American thing, Suzy? by degraauw
February 4, 2010, 7:24 pm
Filed under: Ideas & Observations

Between Christmas and New Years, I went to New York with my family, lucky me! My boyfriend’s sister was in NY at the time, because of her internship. When I was about to go to the airport after my short visit, she gave me my a-little-bit-late Christmas present. On the package, a little note was attached saying: “You may not want to open this in front of your parents”. I totally ignored that, and opened it with my mum and what was it: MALIBU BETTY.

Ever heard of it? Well, I didn’t. After studying the package, the “Eureka” moment came, and we both couldn’t stop laughing.
My present
“Malibu Betty (blue).  Colour for the Hair Down There.”

“Blue skies ahead. Ride the wave downtown. Celebrate. Specially formulated hair dye for the hair down there.  Malibu betty is aqualicious and boogie board ready!”

“Hang ten! And get your betty ready!”

Ok. A few obvious questions came up.

Number 1. Why did I get this present?
Answer: My boyfriend’s sister wanted to buy hair dye for the hair UP there. And came across this, and thought it was hilarious and thought of someone who would appreciate this gift (as a joke) the most. Ce moi!

Number 2. Where do you buy this?
Answer: Anywhere, at every chemist of pharmacist. Shocking huh?

Number 3. Who actually uses this stuff?
Answer: NO CLUE. Is Blue a new summer colour? Is it fashionable? Is it hot? Am I missing the biggest beauty trend?
Comment 1. Please don’t tell me people use this stuff!

Is this innovation or just weird?

And then it got me wondering. It seems to be perfectly normal in the US…
Suzy, help us understand your American culture, cause I’m lost.

God bless America..

xoxo GossipGirl


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