Inspiration for Innovation

The Treadmill Bike- Is This Innovation?
March 17, 2010, 10:00 pm
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Inspiration for Innovation-The Assignment

Introducing… Inspiration for Innovation
Students in the Business Development Course at New Business School Amsterdam have been assigned the task of creating this “Dynamic Content Flow” project (alternative title for those with a blog allergy) to look for sources of Inspiration for Innovation in everyday life and share them here.

The Rules
The only rule is to participate!

Inspiration for Innovation is Everywhere
Innovation reaches beyond the buzz word and the high tech world of gizmos and gadgets. Is there a device on  the horizon that will truly change peoples lives? Breakthrough medical advancements? Do you see an alternative use for a new of existing product?  A potential modification of a product? New packaging or distribution solutions? A problem in need of attention?  A company or individual that is forging a new path? An industry stuck in their old ways? New ways of working and interacting?  Cutting edge art or design? Change for good? An idea worth importing or exporting?