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Business is about solving problems, not making money by tomvanvooren
May 3, 2010, 9:04 pm
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Peter Heshof, trend watcher, is marketing innovator at Bloom. Here he discusses a new way of doing business. He isn’t talking about being sustainable or the people planet profit idea, which is in his opinion in the future something a customer expects of a decent business like for example hygiene.

No he is talking about doing business with an ideal. It offers various benefits:

  1. It motivates employees to work harder (and thus create better results), as they are working for a bigger cause instead of the shareholders.
  2. Your relationship with your customers will become deeper. It’s not anymore about quick transactions, but about fighting together for a good cause.
  3. Actually once an ideal has been found; innovations, communication and activations follow shortly out of its own.
  4. Of course you’re doing a good thing.

I personally have always thought of business as a way to achieve things and that money is a side effect of that, one that allows you to continue the way you do now. Therefore I’m very happy that this trend is spotted, because if everyone had raised this way the credit crisis would have never occurred.  As a result acting in your own interest will be less common as you are all fighting for the bigger ideal. Work will not only be a measurement of how successful you are in life, but also an expression of what you, as a person stand for. Therefore:

“Business is about a way of living, not a way to live.”